Although I think all these days which celebrated around the world are too symbolic and naive, I could not stay back and do something for the most precious relationship in the world – motherhood. This is a very different post from all those top 10 listings. This is more special, extremely personal and close to my heart. I know movie songs can’t be the best expression of feelings but it’s definitely one of the mediums

I am going to list 10 motherhood based songs that remind me of my mom.

10. Thalattu Ketka Naanum – Nandhalala

Music : Ilayaraja Singer: Ilayaraja Lyricist : Muthulingam

Nandhalala actually showed me how badly people miss their mothers. I wrote a review and never posted it. This song speaks of the pain from a mentally retarded child who comes for his mother to find her mentally ill too. I was unstoppably crying at the end of the movie – heart wrenching

9. Aariraro – Raam

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja Singer : KJ Yesudas Lyricist: Snehan

I was so dependent on my mom even for the small chores I need to do. This song shows the extreme dependency of the lead protagonist with his mother. Wonderful lyrics and I want the last line to be true in my life – “Iraiva nee aanai idu, thaaye endhan magalai maara”.


8. Uyirum Neeye – Pavithra

Music: AR Rahman Singer: Unni Krishnan Lyricist: Vairamuthu

When you take a handful of Songs from Rahman’s list, this will definitely not come in to picture as its from a obscure movie. But the movie speaks about the motherly love of a nurse on a young patient. A slow melody in a ragam called Khamas – stays in your heart if you listen it once


7. Yen Thayaenum Koyilai – Aranmanai Kili

Music: Ilayaraja Singer: Ilayaraja Lyricist: I think Ilayaraja but it could be Vaali too

A rough guy who never cared about his mother over the years breaks in to tears when he could not be with his mom at her last moments. Strong lyrics which hurts the hearts of those who doesn’t care about my their mothers. It stays in my heart because I still dunno whether I took good care of my mom when she was living.


6. Aariro Paadiyathu Yaaro – Thaaiku Oru Thalaatu

Music: Ilayaraja Singer:KJ Yesudas Lyricist:Vaali

Another pathos song, when the loving mother passes away and the protagonist could not believe it had happened. Nobody believes death of their mom. She is someone who is immortal, someone who can defy death but reality is not the same. If your mother is not with you, you would relate to this more than anybody else


5. Sondham Yendru Vandhavale Aatha – Thalattu Paadava

Music: Ilayaraja Singer: Ilayaraja Lyricist: Ilayaraja

Parthiban as a director has strong mother sentiments in his movies, right from his first movie. This particular song with a folk touch from Ilayaraja squeezes your heart. “Pattiyala sollatuma patta kadan theernthiduma” – I think every child is indebted to his mother, because the sacrifices every woman makes for her child is incomparable


4. Naanaga Naan Illai – Thoongathe Thambi Thoongathe

Music: Ilayaraja Singer: SP Balasubramaniam Lyricist: Vaali

It’s about a son who has lost his mind too drugs getting rehabilitated by the love of a mother. A song which I murmur when I think about my mom


3. Amma Yendru Azhaikkatha – Mannan

Music: Ilayaraja Singer: Kj Yesudas Lyricist: Vaali

I think universally everybody sees this as the best song sung on motherhood. Have you helped your mom when she is sick? A lilting melody that shows the love of a son on his mother. “aduththingu pirapponru amaindhaalum naan undhan maganaagap pirakkinra varam vaendumae” – that’s what every son or daughter wish for

2. Chinna Thayaval – Dalapathi

Music:Ilayaraja Singer: S.Janaki Lyricist: Vaali

Sorry no words to explain this song. Listen to this in absolute silence – if you don’t shed tears, you are not a human.

1. I reserve the final song to a mother singing to her daughter. A daughter who is sentimental about the air pillow that has the breath of her mother. A daughter who doesn’t want anybody else to take her mother’s place. This song was sung by P.Susheela after a long time to Ilayaraja and a wonderful melody which takes me to sleep like the fingers of my mother.

The lyrics is by Vaali.

I hope you like this collection of Mom songs from Tamil Movies. I know it’s Raaja overload but what to do, the best Amma songs are from the genius. I think he had a special mom too 🙂



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  1. you have left out on two good songs in ‘Kalaiyil thinamum’ and ‘aasa patta’ perhaps any song abt mother can go into the list!


  2. Good collections.


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