The BGM of Idhayam

How many of you have fallen in love? How many of you have expressed it to the person you love?

Tell me honestly, how many days it took to express it to the person? Was it easy? Was it hard? Was it nervous? Were you tense? Was it painful? 

I think the biggest pain for those who fall in love will be the fear of rejection. It haunts everybody who fall in love. The big threat after falling in to a realtionship is the fear of losing. And we end up not loving but just live in fear for ever.



Why such a relationship gyaan in a music related post? When i hear this particular music, i get all these emotions in my heart and it just haunts you. It takes me to that stage when i felt those painful moments in my life.  The piece is so haunting that you forget everything in this world and then take you that moment where happiness and sadness come together. Where you can smile and cry at the same time. Where you feel glee and the pain at the same moment.

This has become a regular piece of music in my I-Tunes and I dunno why i continue to hear it although it makes me sad sometimes…Am i so happy to be sad?


P.S: ‘I don’t see her daily. But i yearn to see her daily. May be a small glimpse, a little cute smile or just a wave of hand. Am i getting attracted to her?’

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  1. Ya your are 200% right Sylvian … At times I feel I might get into a mental disease by listening to Raja Sir's songs and some of the music .. like the how to name it? one… which starts like tu tu turu ru ruru.. tu ruruuu .. with a flute and then goes with a violin… I dont know every time I hear to it.. I cry.. and I cry to hear the music and hear to cry with the music.. crazzzyyyyyy… but Raja Raja dhaan… good to see this blog.. I started this but not able to continue it.. Good to see people who love Raja and keeps blogging abt him…


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