And the magician is Fernando Torres. It has been 44 years since Spain won the European Championship. One of the most talented teams in the world and termed as the big match chokers proved that they have the guts and perseverance to win a championship. Wow what a fitting finale to a fabulous championship. It was not Spain all together, Germany made good striking chances in the second half. But it was the strike from Torres in the first half that made the difference. I have always been a critic of Lensmann and he proved to be slower than the young spanish striker.

Spain did not win because they had god strikers, their mid-field play was the best in the tournament. It was proved by the fact that 6 out of top ten best passers in the tournament are from Spain. And who can forget Sergio Ramos and Cassillas with their defence and goal keeping.

Everytime a major championship happens, every football analyst talk about Spain being some force to reckon with and they consistently failed. But today it was the day for the Spanish and their oldest coach Aragones to realize their dream.

They have played wonderful football over the fortnight and they deserve to be the winners of Euro 2008. Let the Spanish magic reign over football for some time…

PS: Ballack’s jinx with major finals still remains. He has never won a major football trophy coming in to the finals. Its a record 5th time. Sorry Ballack its not your day, again.

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