Most of the iPhone related blogs give out information about the apps, which are mostly useful in the US. None give a Indian perspective except a few. I thought I would give my hands on experience of this magic device.

My first app feature would be on something very useful to all the iPhone users. I dunno how many Indian users are high volume data users, but anyways this app will be useful for those who feel their memory is clogged.

The application is called Free Memory, which frees your phones memory to 20 MB. It actually clears all the cache in the phone’s memory. Get it right, it’s not the storage part but the RAM. IPhone has a 128 MB RAM. The video will give you a better idea. The video is from Chris Perillo.

My experience with the app is exceptional as I use a lot of applications and I switch applications in a jiffy. For a high usage iPhone user, this one is a must have. You will see that the clog clears like a breeze after using it.

4/5 for this essential app and it comes at $ 0.99

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