Indian No: 7 Shahrukh Khan – Badshah of Bollywood

I happened to see the premiere of “I see you” on Thursday. There was a huge roar in the theatre when the audiences saw a face in the screen. If you think if it was for the hero, you are totally mistaken. It was for Shahrukh Khan, who made a guest appearance in the movie. Once Filmfare splashed on the covers, “Only two S’s sell in Bollywood, One is Shahrukh and the other is Sex”. That’s true, even if he acts in a crap, it sells. There is one another guy in whole of India to have such a reception; it is none other than Superstar Rajinikanth. Two movies released in 2006 for him. One was Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, which grossed the highest collections in UK beating his own K3G. The second one was sleek and stylish remake of Don, which was ridiculed by the critics but loved by the audience for its stylish presentation. Now he is replacing Big B in KBC for a record sum. Man, whether you love him or hate him, praise him or ridicule him, he is the Badshah of Bollywood. He is my No: 7 and the only actor in my list.

Indian No: 6 Sachin Tendulkar- The Comeback

The Sunday Indian ran a poll for identifying the sports icon of 2007 and the obvious choice was Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He is the man who single handedly changed the face of Indian cricket. I used to say that “I will stop watching cricket once Sachin retires” and people used to ask me why? My reply always remained the same,“ I started watching cricket when started playing for India and I will stop watching cricket when he finishes”.

2006 was a mixed bag for him with a bad one-day series in South Africa. Remember he came back from a worst elbow injury and its one of the longest resting period for Sachin. But he marked the arrival with a wonderful century against West Indies. His one-day form in 2006 was better than lot of cricketers in India. His test form is the worrying factor. It’s not easy to average 44.85 after a bad injury. And for everyone’s information, he has the highest average for an Indian in 2006.

Name                Mat    I  NO     Runs   HS     Ave    SR  100 50   Ct  
SR Tendulkar         16   16   2   628    141*  44.85  77.05   2  3    6

Whatever may be, the God is always a God and a mortal is always a mortal. And if Cricket is the religion in India, Sachin is the God.

He is the Indian No.6 for his gritty comeback

He was the only cricketer to be named as an Asian Hero by The Time in the year 2006. The Time wrote, “Many factors divide India, but two things unite it: cricket and a star named SACHIN TENDULKAR”

Indian No: 5 Arvind Kejriwal – You have the right to Know

How many of you reading this know,what is Right to Information act? I was surprised to see more than 70% of the educated lot with whom I took a survey didn’t know what is RTI all about? If the educated are so very informed, how about the uneducated?

There are some wonderful people to educate about RTI and trying to save it from the amendments, which will actually make the act lose his sting. Arvind Kejriwal is one of them. A graduate from IIT Kharagpur and civil servant in the Indian revenue services quit his job on witnessing corruption in the government. He felt that it is the lack of transparency as the main reason for corruption. Now crusading against the corrupt practices, through Parivartan – a delhi based citizen’s movement which he started with Aruna Roy. He campaigned for RTI and still educating people. He was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership, this year.

I salute this true Indian. He is my No.5

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