And the Indian of the Year is

Indian No.1                Lalu Prasad Yadav – Man of the Moment

Love him or hate him. Like him or loathe him. He is here to stay and deliver. Two years back he was rated as one of the worst politicians of India. When he was the chief minister of Bihar, he was constantly rated as the worst chief minister in whatever rating you can think of. But now he is rated as the third best cabinet minister next to Manmohan singh and PC. Just because of this statement he made in the Parliament on his railway budget speech, “Sir, I take pride in informing this House that in the first nine months of the year 2005-06, the Railways’ output has been record breaking. The growth in freight loading is 10% and in freight revenues it is over 18%. Based on the trends up to now, the freight-loading target is being increased from 635 mt to 668 mt and the goods revenues target from Rs. 33,480 cr to Rs. 36,490 cr. Thus, Railways would achieve incremental freight loading of 111 mt in two years itself, which will be 133% higher as compared to the incremental loading of 83 mt of entire Ninth Five Year Plan period. Tenth Plan targets of 624 mt loading and 396 billion tonne kilometers have been surpassed one year in advance. Sir, I not only hope but also firmly believe that we would surpass the Tenth Five Year Plan’s incremental target of 63 billion tkm for freight business by over 200%.” 

Indian Railways was termed as “White elephant” by the Rakesh Mohan committee and it was destined to bankrupt by 2015. Defying all predictions, it booked an unprecedented Rs.110 Billion profit in the current fiscal year solely because of Lalu and his team. Now Lalu is the most wanted professor and he delivered lectures to IIM A, Harvard and Wharton school students. Lot of Indian embassies is being enquired for his bio-data and one of his official reported that more than 100 missions have asked for his bio-data. Harvard is planning to make Indian Railways as part of their curriculum.

If I start writing about the achievements he had made this year, I need a website. I hope you read it in the newspapers everyday. Now he is planning to send his officials to study MBA from various foreign universities in order to equip them with modern practices and also training them through world famous railway departments like the Italian railways. 

Once speaking to Asia Times Online, he said, “People all over the world want to know how the son of a cowherd has risen to such heights. Their interest in me is a victory of Indian democracy.” 

He has been accused of lot of corruption and vote bank politics. But you can’t deny whatever he has done to the Indian Railways. He is my Indian of the Year, Lalu the Magician

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