I was extremely late to office today and even the travel was too hectic – except for the final AC bus travel. But how does it relate to Chaos Theory?

After watching Dasavatharam, I have been more thoughtful towards chaos theory and butterfly effect. It suggests that no incident is independent. Every incident has it’s origins in a incident happened long before.

I am being late is absolutely connected to a birth of a guy 30 years back. In the early wee hours of Wednesday morning one guy hijacked a electric metro train from Moor market station in Chennai and rammed it in to a goods carrying train in Vyasarpadi station. 4 died on the spot, injuring 8 people.

Chennai Metro Train Route

Chennai Metro Train Route

This incident created a clog in the route and all electric trains were cancelled for few hours. It’s a heavy passenger load route due to colleges, offices and market places. So all the people started using the local bus transport in the Central Station – Avadi route…. And boy it was utter chaos which happened. I stood for almost 45 min in Nathamuni Theatre to catch my bus to Ambattur. After reaching Ambattur, I was told to get off from a D70 bus ( Ambattur -Velacheri) because they decided to operate the bus in the Avadi. Even I got to Ambattur by a similar rerouted bus.

Google Map of Chennai

AC bus came as a saviour and helped a bunch of passengers like me… It was hell of a ride… While coming back I was thinking about this chaos theory, I dunno what made that guy to do that act. But definitely they would have changed a few lives today…

Chaos theory ? or coincidence? or divine intervention?

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  1. Every single blessed thing in this world is predetermined, and that includes your going late to the office on that particular day.


    1. yes, I am just trying to put some logic to it 😉 and escape from my boss\\' anger.


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