Spain was one of the most underrated team in World Football just because they are known to be one of the big game nervous losers. I think their major tournament win came in some where around 1960s. Anyways this time around they look in ominous form. The mid-field for Spain is god-send and with David Villa in this sublime touch, its going to be tough for the other teams. Spain was playing a team which put England out of the tournament and they were actually one of the dark horses of the tournament. But the Russians were looking helpless because of the excellent passing and swift play of Spaniards.But you have to see how Spaniards play against teams like Italy, France and Croatia who bog you down and slow the pace of the game…

The other match saw the Swedish take on the defending champions ( ?) Greece. As usual Greece was trying play defence and banking on counter attacks but they ended up looking hapless. The best part of the game was two people coming in to form, Ibrahimovich and Henrik Larsson. It seems Ibrahimovich is scoring a international goial after 2 years (phew) and ofcourse he did it at the right moment…

Its going to be a wonderful contest when Spain meets Sweden because both play attacking, swift football…

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