This day was expected but not so early in the tournament… The orange brigade demolishing the World Champions. Was it the Italy which won the world cup, although they lost one of the best players before the tournament to injury, this team was looking like a bunch of disintegrated heroes ( like the Indian cricket team).

But it doesn’t mean that the Dutch was lucky, they earned their goals because of the wonderful play making the field and excellent possession control with crisp passing. What you expect when you have Ruud Van Nistelroy, Sneijder , Bronckohorst and Dirk Kuyt in your team with a young coach Van Barsten.

I was told that this is Italy second worst defeat in the history. WIll Donodoni fight back?

Check out the goals in this link…

The other was a drub. A drub can be defined as a game in which one team just keeps on hitting goals or the two teams play out a tame draw like what Romania and the French did. One shot on target from the teams in the first half. They never even attempted to go near the goal. The only valid attempt came from Anelka, which hit the cross bar… A sheer waste of time for the Fans

PS: Vetri i am not demeaning the victory of Germans ( But you know i hate them).

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