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book subscription box

Why is FictionCrate an interesting book subscription box service?

Books are my alternate realities. They help me to escape reality and get into another world that I love or hate. I don’t read mythical fantasy, and so I don’t...

/ May 25
quantified self

Quantified Self: The unrelenting co-construction of gamified self

Disclaimer: Major parts of the article have been sourced from my academic dissertation submitted to the University of Southampton for my MSc., Digital Marketing course. I am trying to introduce...

/ August 18

One Hell of a Marketing Idea – AXA’s iAd

As you know I am an Apple enthusiast and more importantly I love innovative marketing, advertising ideas. Volkswagen Vento’s talking paper was one such but AXA Insurance of France has...

/ October 28

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – 2 (Advertising Feature)

I am back with my advertising feature. The Good There can be lot of likes and dislikes to this brand. But the majority will like the advertising ideas of this...

/ April 21

How to market your product to Indian Bureaucrats and Politicians?

Do you know how to market your products to Indian Politicians and Bureaucrats? Ah there is one simple way – Money but how do you attract them to even look...

/ April 4

April 1- Why its not a Fool's Day?

April 1- the day everybody calls April Fools day. The day you play prank on people. The day you have fun. The origin of the day is not so concrete....

/ April 1

iPhone App of the Day – Free Memory

Most of the iPhone related blogs give out information about the apps, which are mostly useful in the US. None give a Indian perspective except a few. I thought I...

/ March 20

The Axe Marketing

It was boring Monday morning for me. I was taking my break fast (bread toasts) and watching tv. I always loved to watch advertisements and comment on it. Another advantage...

/ March 9

Play while you Tweet

I believe Twitter is the 10th wonder. This platform is showing endless possibilities and limitless opportunities. And some people are using it in a interesting way too. I think nobody...

/ March 6

Bebo, My Stupidity and Apologies

I am currently using to make status updates to a host of Social Networks. It’s a awesome service, which i am happy about. It had a list of social...

/ December 28