Derek was always a show master. The most entertaining,sometimes crude when it comes to humor. But when it come to quiz, i believe he is good only for Bournvita Quiz Contest.

He was better than last time when it came to content. Last time the final question which decided the first prize was “Official Airliner of the Indian PM”. This time he was not so bad but he had some uneven questions at times…

When he came up with the History of UB group related to Chennai’s Armenien Street, I was awed and just gasped “marvellous”, the next question he came up was about LIC ( High rise building). I thought “Oh my god, how can he ask such a easy one”. The next one was awesome “Name the coffee shop in Courtyard Marriott” ( I found it in the drape which they had inside the auditorium and one team answered it right). The excitement bubble was shortlived. Hyderabad participants, please check  the restaurants in your Hospitality sponsor

Derek, there are lot more things to ask about our wonderful Chennai… All the things said and done, he was wonderful when it came to some questions like Kwaja Abdul Hameed, MS Swaminathan and Axe Effect ad.. Ofcourse the usual satires he did with the introduction of rounds…

It would be great if his team does some more research and avoid questions like synthetic phenol – cinthol.

Wholesome entertaining quiz…

Brand Equity Chennai Round – Prelims 

  1. Which welfare economist did P.Chidambaram quote in his 2007 budget?Mohammed Younis 
  2. Which Bank is the official bank for Tirupathi ladoo?Vijaya Bank 
  3. In 1860, 1st estimate of Indian National Income by: Hastings/Motilal
    Nehru/WC Bannerjee/D Naoroji
  4. Which famous husband & wife coined the word “Prosumer” in the book Third wave?Alvin Tofler 
  5. A Victorian author, journalist by profession covered election campaign for the morning chronicle?Charles Dickens 
  6. Which big budget X rated movie did Bob Guccione allegedly bank roll?Caligula 
  7. During WW II the
    US production of which nestle brand was reserved for army use?
  8. Who dons Satya Paul’s exclusive collection called “Bowled on the runway”?Mandira bedi 
  9. Who carried his Total Quality message to 34 countried on 178 trips logging more than 5 million miles?Joseph Juran 
  10. Which city did the first spencer’s retail store open?Chennai 
  11. In 1982, who became the first Japanese to be awarded the Albert medal of Royal society of Arts?Akio Morita 
  12. Which Economist is the new face on the 20 pound note?Adam Smith 
  13. According to Forbes, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem earns 5 million from the use of whose Image?Albert Einstein 
  14. Which is the 1st Indian corporate to record a profit of 10,000 crores?ONGC 
  15. Who was Young & Rubicam’s first MR director?George Gallup 
  16. Pic of Arun Nair
  17. Omega ad of Sharukh who is the other Brand Ambassador? – Priyanka Chopra
  18. Pic of Brij Mohan Lall Munjal
  19. Book Cover of Lee Iacocca’s My Auto Biography
  20. Ad of
    Woodland shoes. – Designed to go with your tie, suite and arm candy
  21. If he maintains the same pace, his company will absorb the whole of US economy in 34 years?Warren Buffett 
  22. In 1947- who presented the UN Sec.Gen, a cheque for 8.5 million to buy a property for its HQs?Rockefeller 
  23. In 1952- which Indian company partnered with Renoir of France to set up a cosmetics company?Lakme 
  24. Amul’s direct retail stores are called Amul Utterly Delicious
  25. Which co. is the second largest buyer of tomatoes?Heinz 
  26. Connect Tropicana, ING, Clockwork and Hesperidium?Orange 
  27. According to William Rossi, which product is the erotic foot’s pimp and procurer?Shoe 
  28. Kingfisher has become the sponsor of which F1 team?Toyota 
  29. 400 years ago who wrote, “ Thou art not for the famous these times where none will sweat but for promotions”?William Shakespeare 
  30. Whose livery colours are purple body with gold braid, scarlet sleeves and black velvet cup with gold fringe?Queen Elizabeth

Brand Equity Finals – Chennai 

Round 1 The Man with the Steel Gun 

  1. What is the official title of Mitchell Fox, the head of Mozilla Foundation?Chief Lizard Wrangler 
  2. Lillian sholes, daughter of Christopher Sholes is the world’s first in which profession?Stenographer 
  3. Isreali guy who got the patent for diagonal straps product. What product?Wonder Bra 
  4. 218 BC – Hami9lto army paused at a place after defeating the romans. Which Place?Perrier 
  5. What is the franchisee or outlet owned by Doctor’s Association Inc?Subway 
  6. Which Mythological character did Emami use to promote Mentho Plus?Ravana 

Round 2 

Never Say Never Again 

  1. What is Churn Over in stock market parlance?
  2. Edmund halley paid the initial payment for the publication of which book. It deals with basic laws of Physics.Newton’s Principia 
  3. He got is doctorate by researching on Barium Compounds in
    Germany. In 1935 he started his own company?Kwaja Abdul Hameed of Cipla 
  4. Why did Hindustan Lever call Dalda as Dalda? The first distributors of HLL in India is Dada & Co., To honour them , they added ‘L’ in between for Levers and named Dalda. 
  5. Microsoft has patented a technology called SPOT.If S is Smart and T is Technology, what does
    PO stand for?Personal Objects 
  6. Who is the first ever winner of the World Food Prize?MS. Swaminathan 

Round 3 

For your Eyes Only 

  1. Print Ad with Adline Wet Bottoms? – Huggies
  2. Pic of Baba Kalyani of Bharat Forge
  3. Logo of Aston Martin
  4. HQ of HSBC
  5. Pic of Teamgiest
  6. Swatch Print Ad

Round 4 

Casino Royale 

  1. What did Alries say about the potential market while launching a new product? A four letter word?Zero 
  2. What are Flatwares? Nothing to do with technology.Utensils in the Table. 
  3. In Harry potter series, what is “Which broom stick”?Magazine to select broom sticks. (Catalogue) 
  4. What is the patent no. of WWW?There is no patent 
  5. What are slugs in vending machines?Fake coins used to take products from vending machines 
  6. Connect VVS Laxman,Ravi Shastri, Debashis Mohanty, Prakash Padukone, Jimmy Shergill, Madavan?Premier Hockey League 

Round 5  Licence to Kill 

  1. Philip Kotler – One word for the “ Characteristics that supplement the products basic function”?Features 
  2. In 1969, when Neil Armstrong walked in moon, 70% of the Americans came to know in 24 hrs. In April 1985, 85% of the Americans came to know about this event which is related to change?Launch of New Coke. (Project Kansas) 
  3. Why Pyrax is called Pyrax?They were used to make pies 
  4. In 1918, Walter Jacobs bought 1 dozen Ford Model T cars to start this?Hertz 
  5. For what Lulu Booker prize is given every year?Best Blogs 
  6. The nylon stockings were rationed from 1940 to 1944 in US . Why?They were used as Parachutes and Parachute Chords Round 6 

Gold Finger 

  1. What present day marvel in New York, is situated in the Old Waldoff Estoria hotel?Empire State Building 
  2. Which Indian Entrepreneur has started the Starstruck Chain?Shahnaz Hussain 
  3. Whose HQ is Federation House, Tansen Marg, Kolkata – FICCI
  4. Which soap derives its name from Synthetic Phenol- Cinthol
  5. If you going to buy Barcelona, Savorinalla, Rocker,which store you are in?Furniture Store 
  6. Who calims to have found Singapore & Hongkong, reason for the Boston Tea Party etc British East India Co., 
  7. What is the source for Angorra Wool?Angorra Rabbit 
  8. Shruti and Gandharva – Worldspace Channels for Carnatic and Hindustani music.

Two teams were eliminated and 4 teams on stage         Two Logos Merged. 

1.      Prudential & Honda

2.      BPCL & BSNL

3.      CNBC and Murgappa

4.      Samsonite and Samsung

Audio- Visual 

1.      Axe Effect Ad

2.      Pink Floyd – Have a cigar song

3.      Enemy of the State movie.

4.      Voice of Carly Florina

From Cauvery with Love – Chennai Questions 

  1. In 1915, what was started when Thomas leech bought 5 generator units and started a company in 17,
    Armenian Street.United Breweries 
  2.  Which is the first high rise building of Chennai, which is the southern regional office of which company.LIC 
  3. What is the name of the coffee shop in Courtyard Marriott? Paprika
  4. In 1995, which
    Madras born made millions when Beatles re-released ?Pete Best Tie Breaker between TCS and KPMG for Second and Third. 
  1. Which brand of Sun Glasses did Rayban market?Predator 2 

Final clash between TCS and Sanmar 

  1. Due to the shortage of Milk, which wrapper was changed from red & white to blue?Kit Kat 
  2. Which brand claims that they use 1 out 25 coconuts grown in
  3. This financial services co., which is 155 years old sent the last telegram in 2006.Western Union 
  4. Which country if not India is the world’s largest producer of

Top Score -19.5

Cutoff- 16 

Final Standings

1. Sanmar

2. TCS


4. Satyam

5. Irevna

6. Citibank

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  1. Hi ,

    Excellent review of BEQ till date . Though everybody posted the prelims qns on the groups , your coverage of the complete quiz is commendable .

    Derek , as you said is THE SUITABLE BOY for Bournvita only . I had seen him at the Landmark quiz sometime back in Pune and he was ……………..NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN 🙂 (continuing his BOND theme) !!

    His team has to match the standard of the quizzing level going around the country as he can’t survive only on crude humour and oh-that-is-so-easy type questions .


  2. Best ever review of any quiz by anyone


  3. tenalirama March 23 at 6:21 am

    Hey thanks a lot for the q’s. Appreciate it!


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  5. Hey..! Never expected such a good exhaustive coverage of the quiz. Whenever i hear of any such event that I was not able to make it..i always used to yearn for such a compilation…just what the doctor ordered..! Thanks


  6. great work dude i only saw some of the questions in economic times, those few questions were great. that time i thought of some one givin me the whole set of questions , great work man…


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    thanks for the questions..


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  10. ravichaitanya March 28 at 7:15 pm

    i liked the review cause it was really making me feel bad that i missed to watch the live. good job doc


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