I dunno whether i will have the chance to go to the Venice of the West. And i will not regret it because, there is one place which is equally beautiful to that original venice. Alappuzha from the God’s own country. Ok, my travelogue post of the Allepey trip will come later, this post is dedicated to the blog camp.

This is my first blog camp and i missed Chennai blog camp due to hectic schedules. I dunno how these camps work out but it was really wonderful to see some passionate bloggers around.

blog camp kerala

( This photo is from Kenney’s blog. Its only part of the whole group…)

What i liked in the Blog Camp?

1.The Hospitality of the organizers. Guys, kudos to you and thanks to you, we felt at home.
2.The venue, oh my god it tops my list. A meeting on the house boat moving around the back waters of Kerala. Thats the place to be on earth for sure.
3.The discussions from Mani Karthik, Pradip and Kenney. I have decided to make my blog SEO friendly, make my poems in to audio and planning for a discussion with my school for the Campus Blog ( Kenney, will it be the first ever school campus blog?)
4.Sajiv, what a cartoonist. He was a master crafts man and thanks for the cartoon. He drew me like a politician. (Do you practice astrology Sajiv, all the famous people born on my birthday are politicians!!!)
5.Food. Kappa, with Fish Fry, Fish curry, Duck masala and Chicken Fry. Heavenly Delicous.
6.I made a good lot of blogger friends. Kenney, Aravind, Karthik ( we had along walk back and a good chat), Munif, Anurag and lot others. The list is endless.
7.The photographers. everybody was snapping left, right and centre. I missed my camera. Thanks Sarath for those wonderful snaps. I am giving a link to your Flickr page.

What i didn’t like in the camp?

1.Some had the conversations in Malayalam. We couldn’t enjoy the jokes,anecdotes and even one full session. Sorry Farmer Uncle, i had to go out and watch the waters during your presentation because i could not comprehend with what you are saying. The universal language could have been used.
2.Why you guys made it only for one day?

For photos,http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarath-dr

For details, www.blogcampkerala.com

P.S: There will be separate posts on my Kerala Travelogue and Sajiv’s Cartoonism.

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  1. Will do it for 2 days next time. !!!


  2. Cons: 3) No girls in the camp 🙁


  3. @ Kenney

    Will be there for sure..I have fallen in love with alappuzha..


    Can’t help it…May be we were not lucky


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