Pure Motivation

1.Which watch brand does Deepika Padukone endorse?


2.Which group recently launched ‘Colors’ channel worldwide?


3.High Tech computer is to launch the android platform- powered G1 phone soon. Who developed Android?


4.Air Deccan to ________ to Kingfisher Red. Fill in the Blank?

Simply Fly Deccan

5.Which production house has produced the film “ The Last Lear”?

Planman Motion Pictures

Get Started

6.The Federal National Mortgage Association of the USA has been in news recently. How do we know it better?

Fanny Mae

7.Which company was founded by Rashesh Shah and Venkat Ramaswamy in 1995 has a cricket connection with ICL?


8.Which Indian dotcom pioneer has been appointed the Chairman Emeritus of “Internet and Mobile Association of India”?

Ajit Balakrishnan

9.Cadbury Schweppes announced the mass shipment of which product to potential alien sites in Arizona?


10.Which country would you link to the quote “ I care less about the GNP and more about the Gross National happiness”?


Cruise Control

11.Which city has overtaken Las Vegas in terms of revenue from Casinos?


12.BHEL Logo

13.Often preached in the corporate world which law reads, “doing it the hard way is always easier in the long run”?

Murphy’s law

14. Tough Choices: A Memoir is a book by which former powerhouse woman IT ceo?

Carly Florina

15.Shopper’s Shop Print Ad

16.Which product recently in news sports the tagline “Like Nothing Else”?


17.Who advertises with the baseline “I Build I Bond”?


18.India comes home in a Maruti

19.Ranbaxy tied up with PVR cinemas to give free samples of which of its products?


20.Rajan Nanda’s Pic

Last lap

21.Which Indian IT company launched “Fit for life” programme to evaluate and improve the physical and mental health of its employees?


22.Which famous Indian is set to open 500 schools under the name ABAPS ( Ace Public School)?

Abhinav Bindra

23.One Night at the call center book cover – Identify the author

Chetan Bhagat

24.India Post new Logo

25.Complete the Dilbert Quote “ A ____ _____ is one who dies of natural causes on a Thursday Afternoon”?

Perfect Boss


Management Chronology

1.This word – French in origin – Latin for “Minute” or “Minutes”- it means small details – In a Internet research, it is said to ne the single largest thing to make more money next only to credit card.

Menu Card

2.The registrar of companies objected to the world Imperial in the name – Harry Mcgowan replied “the name has to be chosen because we are imperial in aspect and name- which company is this?

ICI Paints

3.Cadila Health care filed a suit against Dabur India regarding Chyawanprash. Why?

Dabur came up with SugarFree Chyawanprash and Sugar Free is a trademarked brand of Cadilla.

4.Thailand – Kyra Mode Corp is exclusive partner with publishing house in US to publish this in Thailand. They are in trade partnership with Gamma textiles of India to launch Playboy (Undergarments)

5.iPhone went for a patenting iPhone and found the Gramaphone company had a patent for 5Phone? What ‘s the significance.

They have got the patent for 5 Phonetics of “Mary had a little Lamb” the first words recorded on Gramaphone record.

6.Bunch of girls started out of curiosity – it diversified to become a detective agency – the business is called Honey Trapping ? What business?

They send girls to the prospective bride grooms and find whether they are homosexuals or not.

Managing Pixels ( Visual Round)

1.Reliance Bank logo – Bank for Salvation Army

2.Google logo on Laser anniversary day

3.Mikhail Kalashnikov – AK 47

4.Biometric Passport

5.Narasus Founder

6.Coutt’s Bank Logo

Connections ( May sound easy as I am giving the clues, but you will know the toughness of the questions only when you sit on the stage)

1.Connect Make Some Noise, Alfred Noble, Imagine, John Lennon Song – Amnesty International

2.I am yet to figure it out- Sorry

3.ICICI Bank, TCS Ramadorai Pic, Bosch Logo, Kingfisher Logo and Chennai Super Kings theme song. – Thirupathi Devasthanam – ICICI are the bankers, TCS is the software solutions provider, Bosch Machines for Laddu Making, Kingfisher took the first flight to Thriupathi before starting service and Srinivasan of Chennai Kings was the chairman of Devasthanam.

4.Bruce Mclaren, Vodafone, Kiwi Pic, Marlboro, Mumtalakat bank – Mclaren – Kiwi is the first logo and the bank has a huge stake

5.Lost it in the confusion

6.2010 US Census, Founders Pic, Titan,Skunkworks – Lockheed Martin

New Age Management – Three clues and you have to find the missing connect

1.Thambi, Bangalore Torpedo – 9th battalion of Madras Regiment

2. Monica Lewinski, Reed Hastings, United States Postel Service – Netflix

3. Bernie Ecclestone, Mittal Champions Trust – LN Mittal

Finger Tip Management

1.Which term in usage was first coined by Mark Simpson in ‘The Independent”?


2.Which Japanese manufacturer also make bicycles with the brand name “Anchor” – It races?


3.Question about KP Singh

4.Dhoni Effect – A report on the rise of the small towns.

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  1. Dude, the bank is Coutts not Codd’s


  2. hey thanks for the questions, the prelims were quite easy!!!


  3. Hey Vijay

    Thanks for the correction. It was a typo error. Sorry for it and also please tell me if there are any more mistakes.Thanks for the comment.


  4. Hi Sylvian,

    Very good questions …and informative…

    Good research has been done for Connect questions….


    S Anand


  5. @ Anand

    Thanks for visiting. BIM Quest was done by Giri Pick Brain, so the kudos should go for him and Team GreyCaps. I am just doing the quiz reporting part here.
    Only Mirchi Clash of Corporates was done by us.



  6. Good compliation.


    Who was the winner?


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