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Marketing Analyst by profession, a quizzer by passion, a blogger by choice, a poet by chance, a non-conformist by gene and a rebel by birth

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Why cats rule the Internet?

I wrote this essay as an assignment for a module in my MSc Digital Marketing course. Don’t ask me how much marks I made but I really liked…

20 years of Thendral Vandhu Theendum Pothu

Few days back, when I was listening to the Telugu version of this song, I made a post on Facebook stating that if I need to take one…

தமிழ் கவிதை : அரைப்புள்ளி

Photo credit: Chiara, licensed from Flickr through Creative Commons 2.0 English Translation Separated by a semicolon like two verses of a poem we are apart yet together…  

தமிழ் கவிதை : எண்ணமே…இற

After a very long time, wrote a poem. I think this has come after few years and I am rusty. I have tried to translate it in English and…


50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 28 – Mundhanai Mudichu

Not so long ago, it was said that if you want to make a successful Tamil movie, you have to win the hearts of masses from the village….


The Quantified Life (or the unrelenting obsession with numbers)

Trigger 1: I write movie reviews on my blog. Like many other movie reviewers, I end every review with number of stars that I am willing to give…

Thanneer Thanneer

50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 27 – Thanneer Thanneer

There will be some movies that will tackle social issues and will be relevant forever. Thaneer Thaneer is one such classic that vociferously spoke about the water issues…


Movie Review: Yennai Arindhaal – You will love Sathyadev when you know more

I don’t know about other reviewers but I also tread on a thin line (mellisana kodu). Either, I like a movie or I don’t. I liked Yennai Arindhaal…


The Ultimate Guide for Indian students who would like to do overseas education – Part 2

Sorry for the delay with the follow-up posts. I got busy due to university coursework and presentations. Although, we have less number of lectures compared to India, we…


Movie Review: I – Beauty without soul

Shankar’s movies are supposed to be extravagant. Hideously fantastic that will make your jaw drop on every visual he makes. Tamil audiences are quite used to stereotype the…