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What do people do in a theatre? Do they come watch movies…????

I don’t think so…Some come to howl… Some come to spend quality time ( censored) with their loved ones (private time in a public place $#%!), some come to while away time and only a few, very few come to watch a movie..


Sathyam cinema is one of the wonderful hangouts and cinema places in Chennai..the best till now. They came up with a concept called “Blind Date”..in which they only give the rating of the movie before the show and its your headache to guess and go for the movie.. It can be any movie, any language but the only thing is it would not have released in Chennai.  Myself and bunch of friends are a regular visitor to blind dates ( as we don’t have real dates we at least go for blind date concept).  We saw wonderful movies like Don, Casino Royale, Mozhi, Meet the Robinsons one day before Chennai saw it and at the same time we had pathetic experiences like Chennai Kadhal, Rendu and one dubbing movie. Whatever happens we are regular visitors and we have a great thrill in watching a new movie..


I have seen some people angry about a tamil movie playing, some angry about a English movie playing…Something or the other happens every Thursday. Yesterday (May 3rd,2007) was the worst I had ever seen…I think most of them expected Spiderman 3 to be on screen but they were welcomed with musical of DreamGirls…Few of us were very happy that we are going to see a oscar nominated movie, which is very difficult to see in Chennai. Some left immediately without any problems (Hats off to them for going without disturbing), some after a few songs but there was one group from a software company howling and hooting for every song. The howling seemed to be endless and irritated people like me to the core. They even made two people to walk out because he asked them to be calm. And when he went out, one girl in the group commented “Bye uncle”… I just wanted to stand up and say “F*** off guys…just get out of the theatre”


Interval came and one of the elderly people said “Please leave the theatre or else I would call the police”…and at last they left along with others who did not like the movie.


This is the tolerance level of typical indian movie goer… 

You guys know that it can be any movie and if you have not had the movie which you expected try to enjoy the movie which is on screen. If you don’t like the movie just get out and get lost, don’t waste your time and energy. And the most pathetic thing is that all those people were employees of a top software company in


If it is thalaivar’s movie, I will also shout and howl with you at the top of my voice not to disturb but to enjoy. You should know what to do at a particular moment of time. There is a saying in Tamil – idam, porul, yeval (Place, meaning and the method). If you don’t how to do it, you are not even fit to be a human being…


I just want to say one thing…GET A LIFE PEOPLE



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  1. lol so so true… people start for no apparent reasons nowadays… only yday i was in satyam watchin a loser movie (partner; absolute copy oh hitch) and the ppl howled for each entrance of katrina kaif, sometimes govinda and the point is they make noise even when some scenes arent funny or interesting… i lost out on so many dialogues and the fact tht my hindi is slow didnt help…

    plus, i distinctly remember the time i was watching harry potter and the order of phoenix.. me being a fan of hp had to watch it within the first week atleast.. and i had to suffer frm the insane noises made by the girls for harry’s entry, hermione’s entry and gosh, even cedric (he dies at the end of the last movie and appears in harry’s dreams for a moment: howls for havin a nightmare abt a guy who’s dead: NOT funny!) thus, again another ruined movie.. got no choice but to watch it again later alone… (panningan thaan koottama pakkum… singam single-a thaan pakkum 😛 😛 :P)


  2. I’m wondering why title it intelligent


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