There can be million people who you meet in this world. There can be whole lot of people who affect your lives. There can be a few who change your life. But if someone can change the way you think without even meeting you once, he is immortal. There are only a very few. Steve Jobs changed the way I thought.

I knew about Steve Jobs when there was a small news snippet about the $1 salary he took in order to snub Bill Gates. I was doing my college. Apple was just a fruit to me. Although I fell in love with Apple products at the start of the millennium, my first tryst came up with a small iPod shuffle that my Anni presented to me. Steve Jobs made a statement to the world with his creations. They are something beyond your dreams. They define your personality, makes you think more creative and gets the best out of you.They are not magic wands to transform you in a day but it grows on you and you realise gradually that it has made you a better person in the way you work. The love affair still continues and I am a self-proclaimed Apple Evangelist. The respect and love I had for Steve Jobs started with his products but gradually it went beyond that.

Steve Jobs is my Dronacharya. A role model I have never met. A mentor under whom I never took an apprenticeship. A guru who never took lessons to me. He taught me in the way he thought. He taught me the perseverance when he was ousted from his company and came back to recreate Apple. He taught it’s good to be a rebel. He taught me to think different in every work I do. He taught me that mediocrity is a crime. He taught me to stay hungry and stay foolish. He taught me how to build a brand. He taught me quality sells. He taught me to be unconventional.

My friends always tease me that I am too obsessed with Steve and I worship him. But I would call myself the Eklavya of Steve Jobs. If I could do 1% of what he did to this world, I would have fulfilled the purpose of my existence. He changed the world, period. I always wanted a few people to defy death. Steve Jobs is one of them. I would have been happy to give a part of my life, if it would have extended his by a few years.  Sometimes nature is so cruel to take such lives.

Every creative thought I make, every presentation I do, every product idea I think of, every simple solution I provide and every work I do will be attributed to this man who I revere, adore and follow. The world was lucky to get Steve Jobs because it would have just been a epitome of mediocrity without him. I am lucky that I lived in the same world as Steve Jobs. Steve, I dunno how many lives you changed but you definitely changed mine.

Miss you,

Signing out with tears


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Posted by Sylvian

Marketing Analyst by profession, a quizzer by passion, a blogger by choice, a poet by chance, a non-conformist by gene and a rebel by birth


  1. Ramya Sadasivam October 27 at 10:10 pm

    Excellent write up 🙂


  2. keertanya April 4 at 5:28 pm

    Yep! I wish I could send a message to him up there, RIP – Return If Possible Steve. 🙂 Very good entry. Made him come alive.


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