It was an idea that stemmed out of a contest from Chennai Bloggers Club (more on it later), and I was out of my comfort zone. Krupa (my partner in crime for this post) and I came up with this abstract idea – narrating a love story through songs. Songs are an integral part of Indian movies, and with so much beautiful music out there, we thought it might be an interesting experiment.

Only when I started choosing my list, I realised that I had been typecast as an “Ilaiyaraaja only” blogger because of my comprehensive blogging about the maestro. It was time to show that I am beyond the stereotype.

  1. So I decided that this post will not have any Ilaiyaraaja or Rahman’s music (the two most popular choices if it comes to any list).
  2. All the songs stay in my playlist for one reason or the other.
  3. All the songs in the list are post-1997 to late 2000s as Krupa’s story is in that timeline.

Check Krupa’s story and listen to the music. Hope they make sense 🙂 And tell us how the experiment was.

  1. Oru Ooril Azhage Uruvai – Kaakha Kaakha (2003)

    Music Composer: Harris Jayaraj. Singer: Karthik. Lyricist: Thamarai.

There is no other song that describes the beauty and elegance of a woman like this song. Some of the songs that describe a woman would tread to vulgarity but this one is so detailed but at the same time dignified as a woman wrote it.

அவள் கன்னத்தின் குழியில் அழகழகாய்
சிறு செடிகளும் நடலாம் விதவிதமாய்
ஏதோ ஏதோ தனித்துவம் அவளிடம் ததும்பிடும் ததும்பிடுமே

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Oru Ooril Azhage Uruvai
Oru Ooril Azhage Uruvai from Kaakha Kaakha

2. Arabu Naade Asanthu Pogum – Thottal Poo Malarum (2007)

Music Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja. Singer: Hari Charan & Yuvan. Lyricist: Vaali.

There are umpteen number of songs for this situation – when the hero sees his girl for the first time. But it gets more special when she plays hide and seek.

உன்னுடைய நெற்றி உன்னை பற்றி கூறுதே
உள்ளிருக்கும் பொட்டு உன்தன் குட்டு சொல்லுதே

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Arabu Naade Asanthu Pogum

3. Vaaya Moodi Summa Iruda – Mugamoodi (2012)

Music Composer: K. Singer: Aalaap Raju. Lyricist: Madhan Karky

When you fall in love, friends are going to be the first one to support and the first one to warn you of the eventual heartbreak. And as a person in love, you are going to convince your friends. This song depicts both sides perfectly, and the lyrics are something to die for.

கடிகாரம் தலைகீழாய் ஓடும்
இவன் வரலாறு எதுவென்று தேடும்
அடிவானில் பணியாது போகும்
இவன் கடிவாளம் அணியாத மேகம்

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Vaaya Moodi Summa Iruda

4. Kaadhalai Yaaradi – Thakka Thimi Thaa (2005)

Music Composer: D.Imman. Singers: Hariharan & Mathangi. Lyricist: Madhan Karky

Expressing your love to someone is the hardest thing in the world. Some movies have depicted the fear of loss and the pain of endless waiting. I am a person who thinks it’s important to open your heart truthfully to the person you love. This song depicts the dilemma of two hearts as they delve on how are they going to open up their hearts to each other.

அவள் கண்ணை பார்த்து சொல்வேனா
இல்லை மண்ணை பார்த்து சொல்வேனா
அவன் எதிரில் நின்று சொல்வேனா
இல்லை ஒளிந்து கொண்டு சொல்வேனா

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Kaadhalai Yaaradi

5. Perunthil Nee Enakku – Pori (2007)

Music Composer: Dhina. Singers: Madhu Balakrishnan and Madushree. Lyricist: Yugabharathi.

Poetry and songs eulogise love with things beyond the realm of human power to give that revered status, but love is all about finding beauty in the smallest things in the world. The metaphors used in this song is what love for me 🙂

புகைப்படம் எடுக்கையில் திணறும் புன்னைகை
அன்பே அன்பே நீதானே
அடை மழை நேரத்தில் அருகும் தேநீர்
அன்பே அன்பே நீதானே

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Perunthil Nee Enakku Jannal Oram

6. Noorandukku Oru Murai – Thaayin Manikkodi (1998)

Music Composer: Vidyasagar. Singers: Gopal Sharma and Devi. Lyricist: Vairamuthu.

Haunting is the only word that I can use to describe this song. A song that talks about the eternity of love even beyond death.

ஒரு விரல் என்னை தொடுகையில் உயிர் நிறைகிறேன் அழகா
மறு விரல் வந்து தொடுகையில் விட்டு விலகுதல் அழகா
உயிர் கொண்டு வாழ்கின்ற நாள் வரை இந்த உறவுகள் வேண்டும் மன்னவா .

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Noorandukku Oru Murai

7. Kanave Kalayathe – Kannadhirey Thondrinal (1998)

Music Composer: Deva. Singers: Unni Krishnan and KS Chithra. Lyricist: Vairamuthu

When your love is a dream come true, you don’t want the dream to end. Tuned in Desh, this song is a dream too.

அன்பே அன்பே உன் ஆடை கொடு
உன் திருமுகம் தெரியட்டுமே
திங்கள் பெண்ணே உன் திரை விலக்கு
கண் நினைவுகள் மலரட்டுமே

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Kanave Kalayadhe

8. Nila Nee Vaanam Kaatru – Pokkisham (2009)

Music Composer: Sabesh-Murali. Singers: Vijay Yesudas and Chinmayi. Lyricist: Yugabharathi.

A small separation between two people in love is tough, but a long-distance relationship is even more difficult. Technology has enabled us to be in touch in a long distance relationship but what if you can only write letters to your loved one.
When was the last time you wrote something for your beloved? When did last write a long email instead of short WhatsApp messages and emojis?

அன்புள்ள படவா அன்புள்ள திருடா
அன்புள்ள ரசிகா அன்புள்ள கிருக்கா
அன்புள்ள திமிரே அன்புள்ள தவறே
அன்புள்ள உயிரே அன்புள்ள அன்பே

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Nila Nee Vanam Kaatru

9. Oru Kal Oru Kannadi – Siva Manasula Shakthi (2009)

Music Composer and Singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja.  Lyricist: Na.Muthukumar.

An abrasion. The most painful punishment that you can give to your loved one is silence.

ஒரு கல் ஒரு கண்ணாடி
உடையாமல் மோதி கொண்டால் காதல்
ஒரு சொல் சில மௌனங்கள்
பேசாமல் பேசி கொண்டால் காதல்

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Oru Kal Oru Kannadi

10. Po Nee Po  – 3 (2012)

Music Composer: Anirudh Ravichander. Singer: Mohit Chauhan. Lyricist: Dhanush

The most painful but the most beautiful gift you can give to your beloved is letting go of them when you have to.

Well, now,
if little by little you stop loving me
I shall stop loving you little by little.

இதுவரை உன்னுடன் வாழ்ந்த
என் நாட்கள்
மறுமுறை வாழ்ந்திட வழி இல்லையா
இருளில் தேடிய தேடல்கள் எல்லாம்
விடியலை காணும் விதி இல்லையா

Video Thumbnail tamil love songs
Po Nee Po

The songs were chosen to suit the narrative of Krupa, but these songs show the different facets of love. It also shows my Non-Ilaiyaraaja side for once.

About the Chennai Bloggers Club Contest:

The contest was to collaborate with another blogger in the theme of love and create something interesting. Krupa and I wanted to experiment with our idea. We know that the idea is abstract, but we hope we made it enjoyable.

This post is written for the ‘love theme’ contest by The Chennai Bloggers Club in association with Woodooz and Indian Superheroes

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