The Answer for Day 1:

The Wired Magazine cover is Dated June 1997. James Daly, wrote a comprehensive article titled ” 101 Ways to Save Apple” as Apple was in doldrums. After a year from this article, Steve Jobs made his come back to Apple and the rest was History. The ideas given in that article were proved wrong over the years by Apple’s Strategies. In 2008, Wired came out with this article terming Apple as “Evil Genius”

Winners of Day 1:

Ravi Shanker (first to give the right answer. He gave the idea)

Ilamparithi ( First Complete Answer)

Other Right Answers

Karthik Shankar

Vernicia (FB)

Brat X (FB)

A Question A Day : 2

It’s my favourite Connect questions. Connect these four things to a person. The lady in old picture is Pola Negri

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  2. Ayn Rand


  3. Ravi Shanker October 27 at 2:39 am

    I think its Ayn Rand given your personal taste for the author!

    EDIT:Ok,i did look around & here are the connections~Ayn Rand wrote "Night of January 16th" & the novel on Pola Negri,she met her future husband on the sets of 'King of Kings' directed by Cecil B DeMilles..Not getting the chess connection though!


  4. Ilamparithi October 27 at 2:58 am

    Ayn Rand – First worked in the Movie King of Kings.. her first publication about Pola Negri, and the plays, Night of January 16th(her first) and the Red Pawn(her first to be a movie) are credited to her!!


  5. knowing patrick i knew it had nothing to do with chess… and had to mean soldiers perhaps… so i guess the fourth connection is dat she used to teach russian soldiers who were illeterate and also.. her association with the red army!!


  6. ayn rand… Red Pawn was the first screen play she sold to Universal studios , first pic : Cover of her first Novel.. King of Kings, she worked as an assistant screen writer.. Night of jan 16t is her play..


  7. The only thing that i can think of between three of the pics is the common factor paramount pictures…not able to get a person though…


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