Ok, it’s the final hurdle for men in blue. Click here to check A Question A Day : 51 answers and winner. So at last a question dedicated to Sachin, the God. In fact, today there will be two questions which are related.

Q1. If Saeed Ajmal and Kamran Akmal had been successful in the Semi-Finals, that would have been the 12th Sachin stumping in 452 innings. When was the last time Sachin got stumped, who was the bowler and the keeper?

Q2. There was only one instance that Sachin got stumped in a Test match (290 Innings!!! Impeccable). Who was the bowler and the keeper?


A1. The last time Sachin got stumped in one-day was in Dec, 2009 against Sri Lanka. The keeper was Sangakkara and the bowler was Ajantha Mendis

A2. The only time Sachin got stumped in a test was way back in Dec, 2001 against England. The bowler was Ashley Giles and the keeper was JS Foster. Amazing record 🙂


I am giving it to Jamuna Maruth for almost getting it

Other Winners:

BVR Murthy and Shailesh Soni


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