I know nobody would have attempted my question yesterday, if I had published it. I was hooked on to the TV from afternoon and it was one of the best One Day games you can ever see. Hope we make it one better this time. Click here to see A Question A Day 50’s Answer and winners.

Today’s question. What for this trophy is awarded?

Answer: These are the AVN Awards given to the American Porn Industry by Adult Video News Magazine. It’s touted as the Oscars of Porn

Winner: Only one winner today. Balamurugan 🙂


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  1. Sir,
    its the AVN Awards..they are movie awards sponsored and presented by the American adult video industry trade magazine AVN (Adult Video News) to honor exceptional performance in various aspects of the creation and marketing of American pornographic movies. They are called the “Oscars of porn”


  2. Give some kinda clue ,…. guessing its for a dance competition of sorts, but beyond that lost..


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