Thanks to Airtel, Tikona and BSNL, I am yet to get Broadband connection at my home. I am posting back in this blog because of my good friend Abdul Alim, who saved me from Internet depravity through his BSNL 3G. So the first question of the new year

A Question A Day : 44

Identify this movie, what’s so special about this movie and identify the “others” who have acted in the movie?

Special Thanks to Varun and KN for hosting the quiz a few days in last year. It’s a new year and will bring some new guest quizzers, guest bloggers and columns. More exciting things to come in Sylvianism 🙂


Yaadein – its kind of a one man show with only Sunil Dutt in the cast. The other(s) is only a sihoutte of Nargis


Michael, Aarti, Vinod, KN, Anil and Vishnu Prasad

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  1. Yaadein …. and the others is just nargis dutt ( silhouette).


  2. Nice…. just saw the quiz now

    Ans: Yaadein
    There were no others, it was a SOLO act by Sunil Dutt… The other characters are present only was voices or in silhouettes,


  3. malcaluffin January 7 at 10:08 pm

    this is a movie called yaadein..the actor(s) in this movie was sunil dutt(s) and none others..its kinda of a 1 scene, songless, masala-less experiment kinda flick; and I dunno how it fared in the B.O!!


  4. karthik narayan January 13 at 1:41 pm

    This is Yaadein – Sunil Dutt – one man cast


  5. Yadein,sunil dutt was the only actor


  6. Yaadein…..and the other actor is Nargis Dutt
    My recent post Who is it


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