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Sorry for the delay. This is the last day of the two-week Guest Quiz by IQL, and from tomorrow Sylvian will resume his quizzes as usual. Here goes a KN blinder to end the show 🙂 Wish you a very happy new year 🙂

Q 14: Identify this famous Aussie woman who died in 2010. (Hint: You might have not seen her, but you certainly heard of her)

Answer: As many of you guessed it, it is indeed Joan Sutherland 🙂 And the guy on the right is Luciano Pavarotti indeed (although that was not asked). The first correct answer was given by BratX – Congrats !!! Sekar, Ajaal/Gujaal, Susan, Raji Aunty, Soumya K. Ghosh (via Facebook) and Shailesh Soni (via Twitter) also chipped in with the right answers. Well tried by Raman and Jango. Thank you all for attempting !!!

It’s been a wonderful two weeks quizzing with you all. On behalf of the IQL, me and Karthik Narayan thank you all for your enthusiastic response.

Varun Reddy.

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  1. if it's just identifying her, then here you go…. Joan Sutherland….


  2. Dame Joan Sutherland


  3. the person on the right is luciano pavarotti

    search pavarotti and friends
    you will figure


  4. Luciano Pavarotti and the "Voice of the Century" Dame Joan Alston Sutherland
    My recent post QUIZ 59


  5. Joan Sutherland


  6. Joan Sutherland with Pavarotti
    My recent post MAIJI IN THE HINDU


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