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Another simple one by Karthik just for this Sunday 🙂

Q10: What is this Google Doodle all about? (i.e. What was this Google Doodle trying to represent?)

Answer: This doodle was a preview of Google’s real-time search (or Google Streaming search, or Google Instant).

The first correct answer was given by Narsi Reddy – Congrats ! Micheal, Jamuna, Abhishek and Arvind (via Facebook) also chipped in with the right answers. Well tried by Ramya. Thank you all for attempting.

Varun Reddy.

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  1. Instant


  2. It was called the 'Keystroke' doodle, part of the Google Instant launch. Each letter lights up as we type…


  3. Google instant search??


  4. Doodle has dressed up in its brightest colours before the day of launch of Chrome and HTML5. They had this doodle t he day before the launch of these special search innovations. Reference http://www.gaj-it.com/24368/new-colour-changing-g

    Awaiting your answer.

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