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After a long one by Karthik yesterday, I have a very small question for you to start off this weekend.

Q9. Which Apollo mission is this stamp commemorating?

Answer: The flight of Apollo 8, which became the first human spaceflight to leave Earth orbit; the first to be captured by and escape from the gravitational field of another celestial body (the Moon) and the first crewed voyage to return to planet Earth from another celestial body (the Moon).

The first correct answer was given by Hariharan – Congrats !!! Raji Aunty, Sekar, Jamuna, Ajaal/Gujaal, Debjyoti Saha and Nirmal (both via FB) got the right answers too. Thanks for attempting 🙂

Varun Reddy.

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  5. Earthrise is the name given to NASA image AS8-14-2383, taken by astronaut William Anders during the Apollo 8 mission, the first manned voyage to orbit the Moon.
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