Last week, I realized that I have never written a poem for myself. Here goes the poem for myself… I invite comments but i dunno whether I will be able to reply to your questions… Read the poem you will know why..:)

PS: The reason why i had said my mom has gone to “god” is that because she is a strong believer of God.

Photo Credit : Prakhar / CC BY 2.0

Only the poem is copyrighted and not the pic. The pic has been licensed under creative commons as mentioned above.

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Posted by Sylvian

Marketing Analyst by profession, a quizzer by passion, a blogger by choice, a poet by chance, a non-conformist by gene and a rebel by birth


  1. wonderful work…praise for a poem on you isn't exactly being sensitive but loved the flow…


    1. Thanks Manoj…It's just thought which sprung up in my mind and that day i found whatever i have written…


  2. Wonderful Poem……."Good Luck"


  3. plsss translate in english or type in english … i could read but only a bit …


  4. Saravanan Jeyakumar March 14 at 4:22 pm

    Pat !
    Tell you what ?! You are just amazing man!.I have been going through your blog since recent past.I think apart from your mainstream academics you have held on to your talent of "writing" which a very few people do. I still remember you poems in XI,XII ,the inspiration behind them too!…….You have just continued from then on, never looking back or just let it go by thinking those were just sudden gush of teenage emotions due to harmonal changes.You are in fact a real talent.

    Your poem is fantastic! I still remember your mom's face.I went to school in my last tanjore visit.When i reached the gospel steps all my mind come remember(recreate) was your mother feeding lunch for you…..

    Your blog is very creative.You are a complete writer now.I wish you extend your talent to new level so that more people can enjoy and recognise


    1. Thanks Sara for the comment. I think all the poet's first impression starts with that harmonal imbalance which happens in their early age. In fact till now i have written only a very few socio conceptual poems and almost all others were poems on love – only difference is that the maturity levels have improved ( hopefully!!)

      Chapel steps (not gospel) – I still remember that place where we usually have our lunch. She will come with cricket scores for us when matches were running…Wish she was with me :).. Even if i leave writing, i think writing will not leave me..don't worry will make some effort to get it to more people. Thanks again for the comment and wishes, I am obliged


  5. […] during lunch hours, to feed me everyday. She never allowed me to eat cold, not-so-tasty food. As my friend Saravana puts it in this post, she would bring the latest cricket scores for us daily and becomes a mom to everyone around, […]


  6. Sylvian, even though Tamil is my mother tongue*; I can shamelessly admit if my speed in reading Tamil is pitted against a thoroughbred snail…the latter would have won hands down!!

    Statistically, it took me 8 minutes to read that poem of yours; But, it took to me just 8 seconds to realise the depth it had..

    But the one thought which rankles my mind is this..

    The poem says you are lost in your lovers heart (apparently) which makes you search your self to cry upon..So are those tears which are beginning to ebb in the last line of your poem, meant to portray happiness?

    * – famously attributed to my upbringing in Thiruvananthapuram


    1. Hmm No.. it was written out of sadness. I said I am lost in her but not lost in her heart. Her heart is crying for the love which didn't come to her. I am crying for her love…


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