I was aimlessly browsing through orkut and in wordpress group i saw a blog of a girl…Her profile name read as Jamuna Maruth… and i read a very interesting story in her blog…Its a story…if you are good enough identify it

A geriatric member of the feminine group devilled a conglomeration of cosmestible components in a scalding lipid. Within a hardly significant interval in a nonspatial continuum, a member of the corvus genus (Name: Corvie) flittered through the firmament and purloined a modicum of the suateed entity.

Corvie festinated to the apex of a perennial multicellular organism. A carnivorous member of the Vulpes genus (Name: Vulpie) perceived the esculent material with Corvie and fostered an appetence to partake the same.

Vulpie confabulated with Corvie the following statement –

“You exhibit an enticing enunciation. Would you proffer me a composition?”

Perceiving Vulpie’s blandishment as veridical, Corvie unclosed the mandible and effectuated the descent of the conglomeration.

Vulpie secured its dominion over the pabulum and scoured forthwith.

*** THE END ***

And if you can’t sustain the suspense, read her blog @ The Story… 🙂




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  1. refer ellam senju vidaringa… ungaluku nejamave romba periya manasu… thanks 🙂


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