Naan Avan Illai (1974)

No No No I am not speaking about the crappy remake directed by Selva with Jeevan in the lead. This is the classic of K.Balachander and Gemini Ganesh. Gemini was one of the most underrated actors in Tamil movie world as he was overshadowed by two giants – Sivaji and MGR, but he carved a niche for himself when it came to romantic movies. K.Balachander on the other hand casted in some of the most memorable performances. In fact, he was the most favorite actor next to Nagesh for K.Balachander. Velli Vizha. Iru Kodugal, Punnagai were interesting casting of this versatile actor. But the most memorable of all would be “Naan Avan Illai”

Naan Avan Illai was based on a Marathi play To Mi Nahvech written by Prahald K.Atre adapted to suit the local audiences. The story starts with a courtroom where a man named Nanjil Nambi (Gemini Ganesh) is accused of cheating women through marriage and robbing them off. The first man claims him to be his brother David Asirvatham who ran away after marrying a dumb woman. Nanjil Nambi dumps his lawyer to conduct the argument by himself while public prosecutor (Senthamarai) unfolds the case through different women cheated by David Asirvatham.Vijaysree (Varalakshmi) and her family through a marriage bureau as Lakshman Sharma, Ammukutty (Jayabharathi) and her brother (Kamal Hassan in a small role) as a naval officer Chatruganan Menon, Rani (Jayasudha) and her mother as Hariharadas Swamigal (claiming as Krishna’s avatar), Violet Solomon (a widow) as Jack Solomon (an anglo-indian) are the different women cheated by David.

The only argument that Nanjil Nambi keeps against the prosecution is that he and David Asirvatham are two different people. He even brings his wife Thanammal (Gandhimathi) as his alibi. The Judge (Poornam Viswanathan) gets confused over the way he escapes each prosecution through his intelligence, whereas his daughter Salima (Lakshmi) admires the intelligence of Nanjil Nambi. Salima had met David Asirvatham as Akbar Ali (an Urdu poet). Akbar Ali even cheats her father through a money order. What happens in the end is unfolded in an interesting and comic screenplay. Unveiling the end in this article would not do a justice to the movie.

The movie was produced by Gemini Ganesh under his Sri Narayani productions with music from MS Viswanathan and whole lot of actors like MN Rajam, Thengai Srinivasan, Asokan etc., doing wonderful cameos

Why it’s so special?

1. A comic thriller. No it’s not an oxymoron. A thriller can be comic too and “Naan Avan Illai” fits the bill perfectly. The movie perfectly paced with wonderful overdose of comic scenes

2. The movie also brought the acting skills of Gemini Ganesh as he was previously casted in stereotypical romantic roles. The scene in which the inspector and the lawyer try to find his mother tongue is hilarious to the core

3. While Varalakshmi and Jayabharathi portray the naive Jayasudha sizzles as a wronged woman. In fact Jayasudha steals the show in the small role provided to her. Lakshmi’s role was actually quite interesting as someone who has crush with a wrong guy

4. Wonderful musical score with two classic songs “Radha Kadhal Varadha” and “Naan Chinnanchiru Pillai” by MS Viswanathan

Why it’s in the list?

1. There has been a host of movies where the protagonist and the antagonist are the same. But this one stays right at the top where the story is made believable by an excellent screenplay. The real hero of the movie is the screenplay and not the actors

2. One of the best movies of Gemini Ganesh as an actor in fact Gemini himself claimed that this as is best performance ever in few of his interviews. He comes in 9 different disguises and each character portrays a different facet of this versatile actor

3. The screenplay, casting and acting is so impeccable that till the final scene the audience are made to think that David and Nanjil Nambi are two different people.

4. A must watch comic thriller from KB’s stable.


1. Gemini Ganesh produced this movie but it was not a commercial success. Now the movie is considered to be a classic and it was remade with Jeevan in the lead in 2007. The remake was a commercial success leading to a second part in 2009.

2. Gemini Ganesh originally worked as a production executive with Gemini Studios. He actually started acting as a villain in Thai Ullam in which RS Manohar was the hero. Gemini was even a villain against Asokan in Modern Theatres’ Vallavanakku Vallavan.

3. Gemini was an avid cricketer. In fact he captained an Madras Christian College (MCC) cricket team. He had 8 children out of which Dr.Kamala Selvaraj and Rekha are the prominent personalities.

4. Kamal Hassan is credited as dance master in “Naan Avan Illai” but which song did he choreograph is not known. He is even credited as Asst.Director in some of the Balachander movies.

5. The real story writer Prahalad Atre is not credited in the opening or end credits. In fact, interestingly there is no credit for the story. K.Balachander is credited only for Screenplay, Dialogue and Direction. The story is said to be based on a true story which has come in newspapers.

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  1. Saw this movie in my college second year.. Some movies which have new remakes it is really boring to watch the old one. I had this experience seeing the old Ocean’s Eleven. So i was a bit hesitant to see this. But was immensely happy that i took the risk, coz it did not lag anywhere and was another opportunity to witness the brilliance of KB to write a script that is relevant even after 4 decades. Worthy Add!


  2. Madhan Kumar C September 11 at 7:33 am

    Kamal choreographed “Mandhaara Malarae, Mandhaara Malarae, Neeraadi KaLikkunnae”

    */Ref: “Kamal” – Paa. DheenadhayaaLan – Kizhakku Padhippagam pg. no. 55 – Lines 17-18 /*


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