People would not have guessed the fancy titles that we have in marketing today. Social media manager, digital marketing manager and mobile marketing manager were non-existent ten years back. So when our professor Mike mentioned about Minority Report and Simone in our class, (yeah, yeah. I know. We have a professor who talks sci-fi in a marketing class) I thought what kind of marketing titles would we see in the future.

1. Marketing Manager (Eye): This one seemed so obvious to me. In the next 10 years, everyone will have a personal marketing manager. Probably, one person will be a marketing manager for 100 (or 500) people with an algorithm choosing the ads that have to be displayed to every individual. First, it would be marketing managers for the wrist as we are seeing an onslaught of smart watches but later it would be for the eyes because the future is probably contact lenses. Contact lenses will act as our eyes, and we will be intruded with unwanted advertisements. TV soaps, movies, news and music will be tailored to an individual.

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Each person will sign up with a marketing company, and they will be responsible for ads that should be displayed based on the preferences of the consumer. The companies might have to negotiate deals with the marketing companies to get ad space (or eye space!).

2. Nostalgia Marketing Manager: We have a market for antiquities but later people might forget their memories resulting from the overload of information. Even governments might wish to erase them. They would not want you to know the horrible things of the past. Classical conditioning will be a norm. So there will be places where memories are stored in the åcloud and there will be companies selling nostalgic services. We might encounter ads that might say, “Relive your child birth (inside a test tube), and offer ends today”

Image credit - Joblo marketing jobs

Image credit – Joblo

3. Election campaign manager (Robots): I don’t subscribe to the idea of robots taking over the world by force. I think it will be a gradual acquisition of our world, and I expect robots to have voting rights by 2050. Robots will be contesting in elections as a first step in acquiring a world. It would be hard for them to do tactical marketing that makes or breaks elections. So they would obviously recruit humans to market their manifesto. Imagine robots giving out “God bless America” speeches (I do think God as an idea will stay but the important question is who will be God?)

Vote Robot Nixon '08! marketing jobs

4. Relationship marketing manager: Wait, it’s not the same relationship marketing that is done currently. There will be marketing for relationships and how relationships should happen as I expect the world to become inclined towards recreational sex. The babies will be born inside test tubes at labs across the world denying the genuine love that creates the bonding between mother and a child. Love and relationships will need marketing. Marriages, let’s see.

Love at the Time of Vocaloid marketing jobs

5. Marketing manager (Death): I expect sanity to prevail until 2064 and so I don’t expect governments to kill old people. Nonetheless, there will be companies that will sell death as an option to leave this world. Salvation will be a marketing tool or recreation of famous death sequences from history. People might want to die like Gandhi (if they remember him) or they would want Darth Vader to kill them (Oh, Star wars will have its 20th sequel that year)

So what do you think of my list?

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