This blog post will be the start for the annual round up blog posts from my side. The music of 2009 was intriguing rather than interesting when it came Tamil movie world. Harris Jayaraj with his own set repeated jingles catered to the masses whereas Rahman settled for nil direct release in Tamil this year. Ilaiyaraja had very few and Yuvan was impressive only in parts. This year really belongs to the new bees – Thaman of Boys fame scintillated the audience with Eeram and Sundar C.Babu, son of yesteryear violinist Chitti Babu raised the rate of heart beats with Sambho Siva Sambho in Nadodigal.

The quality of songs and music have drastically come down in Tamil Cinema in the recent years. The songs are skewed towards hip hops and kuthu paatus rather than melodies. What’s worse is the amount of copycats and inspirations from different parts of the world. Harris Jayaraj is gaining prominence like Deva and Anu malik of the 90s…

Now for our Top 5 list. Click the title of the song to watch it on Youtube

5. Sambho Siva Sambho from Nadodigal – a heart thumping and fast paced number which runs like the vein of the movie.

4. Nila Nee Vanam Kaatru from Pokkisham – I wrote a detailed review on the song when the movie was released. It stuck to my heart. A titillating melody..

3. Om Shiva Om from Naan Kadavul – This one is a haunting piece from Maestro Ilaiyaraja and it sounds really eerie with the Sanskrit lyric sung by Vijay Prakash

2. Neethane from Sarvam – Hear out the scintillating prelude and the music arrangements. More than any other, this one is the best picturized song of the year

1. Mazhaiye Mazhaiye from Eeram – The top slot goes to Thaman’s Mazhaiye Mazhaiye from Eeram. A riveting entry to youngster as a musician. I could not explain the song but hear it out when you walk or see the rain.. You will cherish the experience

The Hindi Music was dominated by the brilliance of AR Rahman in the first part and the second half was distributed to Shankar Ehsan Loy trio, Pritam and Maestro Ilaiyaraja. Pritam hasn’t stopped copying, Himesh hasn’t stopped shouting at his low pitch and Music directors never stopped producing mediocre albums. And more importantly the marketing has gone to the TVs where the singers and music directors promote their songs in music reality shows. If anyone hears a crap song for 10 times, he would start liking it. I mean i dunno where Hindi Film music is heading too… We had some great albums like Yuvraaj ( the movie was bad, of course) Bachna He Haseeno, Tum Mile but otherwise the music albums were more predictable and boring

Here are the Top 5 for the Year

5. Iktara from Wake Up Sid : Although i hated the movie, this song has that long lorn sad feeling to it and if you miss some one you will love it. The lyrics and the music are simple with amazing interludes.

4. Pehli Baar Mohabbat from Kaminey: Just one question – Why does Vishal Bharadwaj make so less music albums?

Next 3 are equally best from the best

3. Emosional Athyachar from Dev D: Amit Trivedi is the real hero of this movie which gives a practical dark take on Devdas. This musical piece has that tangy tune with meaningful lyric.

2. Mudhi Mudhi from Paa (All versions): Maestro at his best. Few had a feeling it’s a rework of Ninnukori Varnam from Agni Natchathiram. But it has a far fetched resemblance to it. Simple situational lyrics make all the 3 versions masterpieces. Shaan or Sunitha Rao?

1. Rehna Tu from Delhi 6 : This album is one of the best from AR Rahman. I would even rate it well and above oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire. When AR Rahman is given the freedom in doing music, he gives you the best. I still rate Duet, Kaadhal Virus as one of his best rather than Mudhalvan and Indian.

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  1. Give me some sunshine from 3-Idiots is missing man.

    Awesome song man…


  2. Kaadhal Virus was a gem of a score especially "Endhan Vaanin Kaadhal Nilave" rendered by S.P.B is one of THE best tracks.Duet..This has gotta be one of Rahman's all time best after Roja,Sax by Kadri Gopalnath in "Naan Padum Sandham" is a blessing when listened to in 5.1 surround( which i've been trying to get hold of:( )


  3. Nice one ! I stumbled upon by Rohit Nair's blog ! Your blog's look and feel is very ethnic and cool ! Looking forward to follow your blog 🙂 Thanks for giving links of 5 top hindi songs. Even they are on my hit list ! 😛


  4. Ramaswamy March 1 at 4:09 am

    I stumble crossed your site, it is refreshing…reflects my taste a lot, though i hvnt watched all the old movies.. i grew upin 80 and 90 movie, left india in 95 and lost my manic addiction to movies (all, tamil, malayalam, engish and hindi)…. as i went to grad school here in US for the last 10 yrs..
    Kudos to your effort and top 50 movies to die for.. i am looking forward to it.. My top # 1 is Ratha Kaneer. That is the one move I undoubtedly belief that no one might have enacted the way MR Radha even the greatest (my opinion) Sivaji Ganesan………………….


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