The sweetest moment of “3” comes when Janani (Shruthi Hassan) tries to kiss her husband, Ram (Dhanush) good night and he shows the garland that he is on a fast for Sabarimala. Both express their feelings silently with tears breaking down from their eyes. That’s one of the rare moments of brilliance in the movie. “3” is a love story of Ram and Janani, who fall for each other during high school and get married against all odds. Ram dies in suspicious circumstances and Janani tries to find answers for his death. She finds that Ram suffered from a rare Bipolar disorder.

“3” tries to be everything – a sweet love story, a story of wife coming to terms with her husband’s demise, a thriller and what not. This lack of clarity has hampered the narration at different levels. After a very long time, you see a honest portrayal of high school romance in Tamil. Dhanush, Shruthi and Siva Karthikeyan enthrall you with their fantastic depiction of school life. It would be a nostalgic trip for people who did their schooling in the 90s.

The same brilliance in writing evaporates in to thin air in the second half. I wish that Tamil directors stop taking this rare disease phenomenon and try to make movies out of it. It’s getting too repetitive and boring. It’s so easy to choose a mental disorder but the scenes show the lack of valid research. The worst part of the whole movie is the way the director has tried to show hallucinations. People like Kamal, Parthiban and Karu.Palaniappan have failed get the point across about hallucinations to the audience and what Aishwarya has done makes the audience to think that hallucinations are ghosts. Thanks Aishwarya, you have done a wonderful work to take the audience back to what they were in prehistoric times.

It’s time for Dhanush to move on from these type of characters, he has become more of a caricature and boy, Shruthi looks absolutely horrible when she cries. I reiterate that she hasn’t inherited the acting talent of her father. Anirudh, although made an impressive debut with his songs (none of them sticks to my mind, but my friends claim they are good) he hasn’t made enough effort with respect to the background scores especially the climax scene and the sad scenes are a mess. Velraj, the cameraman has done a wonderful job with the way he has handled the cinematography. Handheld shots, color tones have helped to show the mindset of the protagonists.

The biggest flaw I felt in the movie was the premise the whole movie is based on. Why doesn’t Ram say about his illness to his wife? The reasons are totally unconvincing and that shatters the whole movie for me. And another reason why I felt the movie didn’t work for most of the audience who watched along with me is the promo that happened because of “Why this Kolaveri” (badly pictured song) and the promos that followed. It definitely didn’t prepare the audience for the onslaught. Its a confused debut for Aishwarya Dhanush. Although her intentions are quite right, she has lost the plot in translation. Better luck next time, if you have one.

A 1.5/5 for the first half that took me for a nostalgic trip down the memory lane. It did make me and my friends discuss about our childhood.

PS: For the record, I loved the pub wedding scene 🙂

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  1. I loved L-O-V-E-D the pub wedding scene! That scene was off the charts for me :)) The first half was simply brilliant, for maybe the 1st time, the actors look the part.
    As far as the songs are concerned, ‘Idazhin Oram’ was nicely done( I still listen to the song,like 10 times a day) ‘Come on Girls’ was still good, ‘Kannazhaga’ quite didn’t work for me & WTKD was simply horrendous!
    The 2nd half made it look like it was just another movie :((.
    Sudhish Kamath has a nice review of the movie too~


    1. The first was too good Ravi. I loved it and I wished for an extended High school romance rather than convoluted predictable second half. Somehow she missed the plot 🙂


  2. Ramya Writes April 4 at 9:33 am

    That sabarimalai scene merely shows some desperation for sex… Ennada brilliance

    And about Shruthi, Dhanush and hallucination, I just felt the same.

    Patty don’t support high school romance. After all its disastrous to the society.. Apart from that your review was more enjoyable than the movie 🙂


    1. The physical needs of a man and a woman is important too.. The physical intimacy of husband and wife is a testimony to the love they have on each other. So I felt they expressed it well in that sequence.. I support or don’t support, high school romance stories are happening around us. Instead of trying to stop it, it’s better to prepare them for the worst. .. \

      Thanks for the comment on the review 🙂


  3. . The worst part of the whole movie is the way the director has tried to show hallucinations. People like Kamal, Parthiban and Karu.Palaniappan have failed get the point across about hallucinations to the audience //

    dittoes this feeling and Shruti has abs no knack for dialogue delivery let alone her fathers acting skills!!


    1. Thanks Karpagam for your comments. I always feel that she should stick with singing alone 🙂


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