Month: April 2016

manithan review

Movie Review: Manithan – Guilty as charged

Honestly, I did not believe someone would have thought of remaking Jolly LLB. It was a beautiful film (no doubt about it), but it’s a movie that sits hidden in...

/ April 30
theri review

Movie Review: Theri – Therichuduchu

Disclaimer: The review contains spoiler (but seriously, I don’t think there is anything to spoil in this movie) What’s the probability of writing about the same movie within a span of...

/ April 17
Veedu movie

50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 32 – Veedu

My first brush with Veedu was really funny. I saw it probably when I was 10 or so on National Television. It was one of the most iconic scenes in...

/ April 5