Month: March 2016

sawaari movie review

Movie Review: Sawaari – Halfway

Most of the time, I choose movies based on the director instead of actors in a typical reviewer style. This week I chose to go with Guhan Senniappan’s Sawaari. Guhan Senniappan...

/ March 22
Kaadhalum Kadanthu Pogum

Movie Review : Kaadhalum Kadanthu Pogum – A Bad Photocopy

Disclaimers The review contains spoilers. Apologies that I couldn’t a spoiler free review. I have watched the original and the comparisons were inevitable because the movie was exact photocopy of...

/ March 12
Pichaikkaran movei review

Movie Review : Pichaikkaran – Beg to differ

May contain spoilers  There is a scene in Pichaikkaran where Magzhini (played by Satna Titus) is searching for Arul (played by Vijay Antony) in the rain. Arul is a beggar...

/ March 4