Month: January 2015

overseas education

The Ultimate Guide for Indian students who would like to do overseas education – Part 2

Sorry for the delay with the follow-up posts. I got busy due to university coursework and presentations. Although, we have less number of lectures compared to India, we are given...

/ January 29
I tamil movie review

Movie Review: I – Beauty without soul

Shankar’s movies are supposed to be extravagant. Hideously fantastic that will make your jaw drop on every visual he makes. Tamil audiences are quite used to stereotype the actors. But...

/ January 22
50 Tamil movies to watch before you Die

50 Tamil movies to watch before you Die – 26 – Moondram Pirai

Some movies stand out because of performances. Some movies impress you because of the screenplay and direction. Some might bowl you over with cinematography. This movie will baffle you because...

/ January 13
rare Balachander movies

5 movies of K.Balachander you wouldn’t have watched but probably should give a try

Whenever KB movies are discussed, reviewers and writers always speak about his most famous creations. You can see Thillu Mullu, Apoorva Ragangal, Ethir Neechal and Sindhu Bhairavi in every article...

/ January 11