Month: March 2014

cuckoo movie review

Movie Review: Cuckoo – Was the director blind?

Friends, do this exercise when you read the story of Cuckoo or when you watch the movie, forget the lead protagonists are blind and check whether you will watch this...

/ March 24

50 Tamil movies to watch before you Die – 25 – Pasi

Kurinji Flower blossoms every 12 years. Like wise, actresses who take your breath away are quite rare. Shobha was a Kurinji flower who left this world prematurely. Although we have...

/ March 7
Pesum Padam

50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 24 – Pesum Padam

When “The Artist” was hailed as an experiment and glorified three years back, I had a tinge of anger and a sense of pride that our Indian cinema tried this...

/ March 6