Can you tell your life story in 6 words? This how the six word memoir phenomenon was started by Smith Magazine. Now a global rage and a famous book series, Six word memoir has come a long way. Check out this video to know more about this interesting series.

So our Chennai Bloggers Club decided to do a blogathon of Six word memoirs – each day from one of the members. We have about 43 people doing it and the baton has been passed to me by Bala Iyengar – she writes at – a Bharathanatyam dancer and a wonderful sketch artist, you can read her memoir here

When I started thinking about this memoir, lot of things were running in my mind. I don’t know whether I have more or less if I wanted to write a memoir. Probably, I will have clarity later in my life. But as of now, here is my 6 word memoir inspired by one of my favourite writers.

Read. Interpret in the way you want to 🙂 there are three possible sentences 🙂 I pass the baton to Gitanjali Naidu – Star gazer, rain walker, cotton candy lover and above all a wonderful woman – she writes at –

And if you want to join our Chennai Bloggers Club on Facebook – here is the link –

One caveat – you should have an active blog 🙂

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