The first fight sequence in Alex Pandian gives you sense of what to expect out of the movie. It's that movie in which you will laugh at the plight of movie watchers like us rather than the movie. But thanks to director Suraaj, I learnt the following things from the movie and they were enlightening !!!

  1. You can take a movie without actually not getting in to the plot for 90 minutes
  2. You can get an U certificate even if you have triple meaning jokes
  3. You can topple a Tata Sumo with an Aruvaal (the most outrageous scene I have ever seen in Tamil Cinema)

  4. Maruti Omni is faster, stronger and better than Mahindra Scorpio, Hyundai Accent and Tata Sumo
  5. You will not gag in sea water if you are unconscious
  6. You can have 8 villains in a movie doing nothing
  7. If CM signs one paper, you can sell anything in the state
  8. You can make the crappiest music with atrocious lyrics and still call it a musical
  9. You can laugh at fight scenes too
  10. Karthik is the next Balakrishna (or Vijayakanth) – Please, can someone ask him to change his expressions? If anyone of you find 6 differences between his expressions in song,comedy and romance sequences, you will get RS.100


Alex Pandian is a disrespect to the Tamil audience. If these kind of movies becomes a hit, we will be forced to watch craps. Don't give me the argument “masala movie”, Alex Pandian is a disgrace to all the wonderful masala movies that Tamil cinema world has produced. I can go in length and breadth to say how bad the movie is, but it's not worth it.

Alex Pandian is not worthy to watch even in pirated version. If you like Santhanam comedy, watch him in Sirippoli or Adithya

PS: Actually they have tried to remake Transporter 3!!! No I am not kidding


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