A Question A Day : 48

Was hooked on to the TV yesterday for the wonderful match-up between India and Australia. So today’s question. Identify the logo and what do they produce. If you give the tagline, extra points :)

Answer: Bharat Dynamics, the company which produces Ballistic Missiles for Indian Army – Agni and Prithvi are their most famous creations. Their tagline is interesting too – The Force behind Peace

Winner: Shailesh Soni thru Twitter

Other Winners : Bratx and Aarthi

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  1. Bharat Dynamics Ltd – Ministry of defence?

  2. BratX

    Bharat Dynamics Ltd

    The Force Behind Peace

    Manufacturer of ammunitions and missile systems

  3. malcaluffin

    I’m assuming that its a cricket inspired question..since you have been watching the previous whole day…

    This is the company that produces the stumps used for the world cup?

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