The Best Movies of 2011

The annual round up of Tamil movies and music. I have been blogging about Tamil movies since the inception of this blog. The love for the movies never goes out of me. So let’s see what was 2011 all about in the world of Tamil movies.

5. Payanam – most of the lists didn’t have this movie. Probably, people forgot this one impressive movie of 2011


4. Aadukalam – I would not say this one is the best movie of the year. But it definitely made an impact in the national scene. So it does deserve a place here 

3. Mayakkam Enna – I loved this movie. It takes the contrarian view to  what’s normal in the society. It has it’s own flaws but definitely one of the best.
2. Azhagarsamyin Kuthirai – for adapting a short story in to a movie. It broke all idiotic stereotypes of Tamil cinema and for one of the best background scores of this year.
1. Aaranya Kaandam– a lot has been  said, written and discussed about the movie. It’s one of the best movies ever to have been made in Tamil Cinema. If you haven’t seen this movie, you have lost the right to claim that you are a Tamil movie buff.  

The Movies that missed the cut

1. Mouna Guru – loved the concept and acting. A promising start from director Santhakumar
2. Engeyum Eppothum – another promising youngster – Saravanan. It didn’t make the final list because it didn’t affect me much
3. Mankatha – for becoming the first and only blockbuster of 2011. It broke the hero stereotypes of Tamil cinema and a brilliant performance by Ajith. It didn’t make the cut because of logical loopholes.

4. Yudham Sei – wonderfully taken movie but had some blatant errors. A smart movie watcher would have guessed the movie by half time. But the performance of Lakshmi, YG and that boy – surprise
5. Vaagai Sooda Vaa – for taking us back to our roots and history

Disappointments of 2011

1. Avan Ivan – Bala’s worst performance yet
2. Nadunissi Naaygal – Gautam Menon comedy in the name of thriller

3. Ezham Arivu – half baked attempt at historical fiction. Extremely hyped and flawed
4. Deiva Thirumagal – one of the worst copycat movie ever to be made in Tamil Cinema
5. Rajapaatai – I still could not figure out how Suseendran can give the best and worst in the same year. He managed to do so. It’s the biggest dud of the year.

Best Songs/Albums of 2011

1. Nee Korinal (180)– one of the best songs ever. Brilliant composition and rendering – Sharreth Vasudevan. The whole album is a complete delight. The best album of the year but the movie didn’t live up to the expectations.
2. Sara Sara Saara Kaathu (Vaagai Sooda Vaa) – When you listen to the song, you can’t say that this was done by a newcomer. Ghibran is an excellent find of the year. The visualisation of the song accentuates it considerably.
3. Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai (Kuthikkira/BGM) – Kuthikkira is an interesting rendering from Ilaiyaraaja but what more interesting was the background score. It added another dimension to the movie.
4. Otha Sollala (Aadukalam) – Although GV Prakash is on fast track to take the place of Deva, this song has the sweet rusticity that everyone loved. Wonderful rendition and lyrics.
5. Vaanam (Vaanam) – you may find it surprising but this song was lost in the “Evan di unna Pethan” frenzy. The lyrics struck me like a bolt (Na.Muthukumar). Fantastically composed and sung by Yuvan. 

The Trends that are worrying

1. The widespread plagiarism that has developed like a plague in the industry. Stories, screenplays,music scores, scenes and even posters are being copied from all over the world. Hope they make some originals in 2012.

2. The B-grade movies are back in Tamil. Quite a number of releases made its way in 2012 but they were not hits. Hope it doesn’t become a trend next year.

3. The dearth of small movies. The political situation was one of the major reasons for this but the change of political guard has changed the trend in the last few months. We can see some small movies releasing next year.

4. Where are the blockbusters? Arguably, there was only one blockbuster in 2011. The star value movies didn’t fetch the profit as expected. Hope the big stars choose their movies wisely next year.

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  1. Have heard some horror stories about low budget independent filmmakers being bullied and cornered… hope it gets better this year on.

    My pick is Aaranya Kaandam. Though I still haven’t seen a lot of good films that came out this year! Better start watching them!

    I liked Aadukalam and in spite of its flaws I liked Mayakkam Enna.
    Engeyum Eppothum and Yudham Sei were fine ones too.

    Hope Kumararaja gets to make more films!!!



  2. Payanam!!!!


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