A Question a Day:4

Answer for Day 3 Question

Ultimate Nick Fury and he was modeled on Samuel L.Jackson. He was seen in the role in Iron Man and will do this role in 9 upcoming movies based on Marvel comics. The Character is a reinterpretation of the Old Nick Fury

Winner of Day 3 :

BratX – he answered in Twitter first

Other winners

Ravi Shanker

Aravindan ( Sorry didn’t see your message. You can answer in the Facebook Page)




Varun Reddy

Nitin Raj ( Through Linkedin)

A Question A Day 4: Identify this guy who pioneered a concept and demonstrated it to the world in Eiffel Tower in 1987. He is synonymous with the concept he created

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  1. saintnomad

    This guy is AJ Hackett pioneer of Bungee Jumping. Right?

  2. Ilamparithi

    New Zealander Alan John "A. J." Hackett, and the sport is Bungee Jumping!!

  3. Manju Prakash

    A.J. Hackett

  4. Pratheeswaran R

    Hacket – Bungee Jumping

  5. AJ hackett of AJ Bungy….first to bring it out for worldwide exposure…guess i am too late

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