Month: October 2009

enga veetu pillai

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 12 – Enga Veetu Pillai

I didn’t like Aadhavan, and I gave a critical review of the movie. The critical examination started immediately after the film, and my friends were criticising me that I am...

/ October 29

Movie Review: Aadhavan – The Sun Never Rose

For the last few years, I have never ended a Deepavali without watching a new release and it’s part and parcel of Deepavali celebrations in Tamil Nadu. This year with...

/ October 19

The Unknown Gems of Ilaiyaraja – 2

I hope you all liked my first post in the series. Thanks to everyone who supported the series, retweeted and also commented on it. Its all for you guys… The...

/ October 10
kappalottiya thamizhan kappalottiya thamizhan

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 11- Kappalottiya Thamizhan

The Tamil history is full of legends, interesting anecdotes and wonderful heroic stories. But the number of historical movies and historical fictions is very minimal. The ones who came are...

/ October 9

How about What’s Your Raashee?

“How about what’s your Raashee?” asked my friend Hima. I said “No way. I heard it’s too long for romantic comedy. And I can’t tolerate Harman Baweja”. “Hey, you like...

/ October 6