One of the greatest music composers has left us today. It’s a sad day but the music he composed will not leave us forever. Unlike the recent temporal music that kills us, his music will stay evergreen in our minds. But in order to give him a tribute, people might repeat his most famous compositions on TV Channels, blogs, news and social media sites.

And that’s why, I am bringing you some rare gems that I listen to from this great composer. Some songs you might have heard before, some you might not have but all these songs are just beautiful. Again, I can’t talk about the technical details of the song, these are songs that I listen when I am alone in my room and sing to myself.

Mannikka Maataya (Janani, 1985)

This song has a special place in my heart. I used to sing it someone when that person is angry on me. There are two versions with KJ Yesudas and P Susheela.  The lyrics is credited to Nethaji.

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Manila Vandha Nilave (Nilave Malare, 1986)

A song sung to a little girl as she is angry and it’s an ode to every child. Mellifluous voice of P Susheela just soothes you but the beauty of this song is the changing patterns between the charanam and pallavi. Just check it out and if you are a fan of Baby Shalini, the song is even more sweeter (I am).

Paatu Esa Paatu (Senthamizh Selvan, 1994)

Ilaiyaraaja and MSV collaborated for quite a number of movies. The most obvious ones are Mella Thiranthathu Kadhavu, Viswa Thulasi and Senthamizh Paatu. But there are some rare ones like this one. The movie didn’t do well and hence we ignore the awesomeness. Ilaiyaraaja’s respect to MSV is like a child to his father.

Rettai Kuruvi Rettai Vaalu Kuruvi (Irumbu Pookal, 1991)

Another MSV and Ilaiyaraaja combo that is lost in the mix. It’s an interesting movie too, a musician living in the jail takes revenge on people while doing his concerts. Oh, if it interests you, Prabhu is the father of Karthik (in the flashback of course). And the song it’s completely unexpected one from Raaja and MSV combo.

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Ellam Therigiruthu (Poikkaal Kuthirai, 1983)

Balachander and MSV are like brothers. Until 1984, almost all KB movies had music from MSV. This is one of my favourite movies ever. Surprised!!!? I watch it at least once in 6 months (I am not kidding). This movie marked the entry of Crazy Mohan in to the film world. The movie is based on Crazy Mohan’s famous stage play – Marriage Made in Saloon. It also marked the debut of Vaali as an actor.

The hero who poses as a blind man sings about the girl while she is taking a shower..(now, you get the context!!) and the cheekiness bubbles throughout the song especially in the tune and also the way SPB sings it…

Naalai Naam Oru Raajangam (Punnagai, 1971)

One of my favourite movies of Balachander. This song marks the start of the movie where the newly graduated protagonists singing about their future and how they want to change the world. An exuberant song that could have been easily a MGR song.

Look, love me dear (Simla Special, 1982)

When someone talks about Simla Special, the song that immediately strikes your mind will be Unakenna male nindrai. I am not saying it’s wrong but sometimes rare gems like this miss out. Look at the difference between saranam and pallavi. It starts as a western and goes on to become something like a Ghazal… The variations will blow your mind.

Oh Little Flower (Neela Vanam, 1965)

What should I say about this. Scintillating piece of composition topped with some Sivaji’s acting.

Naan Nandri Solven (Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum, 1964)

One of my favourite songs but usually not talked about in the mix of other famous songs in the movie. Listen to it, it will just waltz in to your heart.

Vaan Meethile (Chandi Raani, 1953)

There is a sweet story behind this. The song was originally credited to CR Subbaraman with whom MSV and Ramamoorthy worked as assistants. Ilaiyaraaja adores CR Subbaraman and when MSV was composing along with him for Mella Thirandhadhu Kadhavu, Raaja wanted MSV to compose a song similar to this. MSV gleefully said that it was his composition and that’s how Vaa Vanilla was born. Listen to both tracks and see how the inspiration is as brilliant as the original.

There are lots of rare gems that can be explored in MSV’s music. It’s just an understatement to say that he was a genius. This is just a small tribute 🙂


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