After a very long time, wrote a poem. I think this has come after few years and I am rusty. I have tried to translate it in English and it’s quite tough for me to do it. I can’t get the layers and nuances in that my Tamil could express.


Death of thought tamil poem

Photo credit: Thomas – licensed through Creative Commons 2.0  from Flickr

English Translation

To the thought born in my mind
die today
Don’t become a refugee
like the waves of the sea
die now..
If I have to express you in words
you will become a twand
on the minds of others
If I have to personify you
you will be untrue
Are you an orphan?
couldn’t be..
because I gave birth to you
even though I know you are not for me
Who will own you?
just die now…
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  1. No words..
    araamal irukum yeppozholuthum un kavithaigal..
    Yen nenjil..


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